Grand Rapids Pickleball Club offers one and three year memberships. Individual memberships are $20.00 for one year and $53.00 for three years. Family memberships, which are meant for family members living at a single residence, will be $30.00 for one year and $79.00 for a three years. Club membership will be for one or three calendar years from the date of signup/payment.  Membership dues are nonrefundable.

Formed in 2012, the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club was organized to help promote the sport of pickleball, to locate and identify potential sites for playing and to allow it’s members to interact in a safe and fun way. Belknap Park is an excellent example of our members coming together and developing twelve pickleball courts (more to come) that are now used extensively seven days a week.  See Places to Play for the hours the courts are scheduled.

Membership dues help to fund the Club expenses which include both recurring and special projects.  Recurring expenses primarily include the purchase of pickleballs for play and the on-going maintenance required at the courts.  There is always a continuing need for financial support for club activities.  Joining the Club significantly helps support this fast growing sport.

Benefits include:

Fun and Competitive club tournaments, events, and Ladder Leagues.
Friday Night Lights through the Summer!
Several different Social Events of various types
Club Newsletters and a the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club Community FaceBook page to stay current on events and places to play.
Instruction/Lessons and a Simon Machine (ball pitching machine) to improve your game
Various indoor venues scheduled by the club
A friendly, supportive, and caring community of players that often become close friends.

If you elect to join, please accept our welcome to the Club from all of us.  It is sincerely appreciated.


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