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Minutes from Board Meeting — Aug. 11, 2017

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting — Mar. 14, 2017

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting — Feb. 8, 2017

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting — Jan. 18,2017

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

 Minutes from Board Meeting — Nov. 16, 2016

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –  Oct.  19, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Mike Madura – vice-president; David Boyd, treasurer; Ellen Westveer, secretary;  Jim Price, Advance Play; Neil Johnson, Communications; Keith Wolverton, Ambassador, State Games of America.

The meeting was called to order. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes from the Sept. 21, 2016 meeting. Minutes were approved.

1. President’s Report:   Bob Trout

  • Bob thanked Paul Richards, Tim Maczinski and Jeff Howlett for the successful Fall Friendzy tournament; and Larry & Cinda Walters and Randy & Julie Peters for the Fun Day Event.
  • It was suggested to make the Fun Day event a Social committee event and not part of the Tournaments, as it is more social in nature.
  • The Long Range Planning committee is being formed , with a core group of Bart, Richards, Schowalter, Wolverton and Howlett.  Other members can be added as needed.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the formation of this committee. Motion was passed.

2. Vice-President’s Report:   Mike Madura

  • Mike has been in discussion with Drake Lanhan from regarding using their services for record keeping of membership, tournaments, payments, etc.  They charge 6.25% of each transaction, but no other costs to the Club.
  • Bob asked that a meeting be set up with Mike Bart, Dave Boyd, Neil Johnson, Janet Weston, and Bob Trout to discuss this further with Activenetwork.

3. Treasurer’s Report:   David Boyd

  • Dave submitted a written report.  After paying for most of the improvement bills, and the remaining $500 pledged to Jodi Oppenhuizen/ Czech Pickleball;  the Club has a balance of $23,823.39. Of that amount, $10,538.97 is in the Belknap Improvement Fund; and we are still expecting a $5000 bill from the court painting company. That leaves about $5500 in the Improvement Fund and $8300 in the General Fund.  There is still an undetermined amount to be transferred to the Belknap Fund at a later date.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Motion passed.
  • Membership –  there are currently 291 family/single unit memberships with an additional 175 family members for a Club ( record ) total of 466 members.
  • There was beginning discussion about raising Club dues for next year.  This will be discussed at the November meeting.

4. Director of Advance Play:   Jim Price

  • There is a ladies ladder league on Thursdays from 1-3 pm at MSA beginning on Oct 27 .  It will be coordinated by Susan Farver and supported by Ellen Westveer.  There are currently 24 regular players and 13 subs, some of whom would like to be regulars.

Club Tournament:  written report submitted by Paul Richards.

  • Fall Friendzy raised $710 dollars.
  • Paul listed the 2017 tournament schedule for the West Michigan area.
  • Paul is considering a large (Pure) Michigan tournament to be held at Belknap July 6-9.
  • Friday Night Lights was very successful, and he proposed a monthly FNL event, May – Sept.
  • Fun Tournament – suggestion was made to move it earlier in the year to launch the outdoor season at Belknap.
  • Paul is still looking for volunteers to assist with tournaments !

National State Games of America :   Keith Wolverton

  • We still do not have a commitment from MSA to use the fieldhouse.
  • There will be a social event on Aug 2 evening prior to the tournament.  Possible venue sites have been discussed with the hope of keeping it nearby the fieldhouse.
  • There are already 110 registrants for the tournament.
  • Keith is working on marketing ideas.

5. Director of Open Play/ Expansion:    Frank Graves ( absent )

  • Jim Command submitted a written report.   He listed some potential indoor venues and will be checking on them in coming weeks.

MVP – Crahen has Sunday play available.   Play is free with a MVP membership.  Priority Health/Medicare people who qualify for the Silver Fitness program can get memberships for $22/ month.

  • Court Maintenance –  Nets and windscreens will be coming down at the end of October.  There will be an email sent requesting help when there is a date set.
  • Instruction/ Skills –   Larry Keefe has a new class at MVP with 14 participants.  Linda Jirous has a class beginning at Caledonia Comm Ed.

6.Public Relations/ Communications:    Neil Johnson

  • Neil had looked into having separate Club email accounts for the Board; but the cost is too great.
  • Communications will be transitioning from Carol Schultz to Sara Rosenblum.
  • Neil talked with Brad Lentz regarding a fee structure for advertising on the website.
  • Neil is looking into upgrading the website to a format that is more user friendly on mobile devices.
  • Facebook :   Bob suggested we ask Jack Reedy to shut down the original Club FB page which no one uses.  Most folks use the members community page for communication.  It is confusing having two pages.  A motion was made and seconded to close the original page. Motion passed.

7. New Business/ Misc:

  • The Board revisited the request to make a donation to the Lake Odessa court construction. A motion to contribute $500 was made and seconded.   The motion passed.
  • There are currently 10 dozen outdoor balls to start the 2017 season at Belknap.  More balls will not be ordered until there is a clearer direction on which type of balls to purchase.

Next Meeting –  Wed. Nov 16, 2016  at Bob Trout’s home – 1833 Cross Bend St NE, Grand Rapids

Minutes submitted,   Ellen Westveer, secretary

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –   Sept 21, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Ellen Westveer, secretary; Neil Johnson, PR/Communications; Frank Graves, Open Play/Expansion; Paul Richards, Ambassador,  Adv. Play/Instruction; Jim Command, Venues;  Larry Keefe, Ambassador, Instruction.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes from the 8-16-16 Board Meeting.  Minutes were approved.

  1. President’s Report – Bob Trout
  • Bob reminded everyone that all Club wide emails must be sent through GRPC Communications/ Carol Schultz.
  • There was discussion on a proposal to make a donation to the Lake Odessa court construction.  While the Board supports this proposal, the donation will not be set until we have further knowledge on the GRPC financial status.
  • USAPA is recommending insurance for board; and waivers signed for all tournaments.
    2. Treasurer’s Report –   Dave Boyd absent, submitted a written report
  • The treasurer’s report was discussed, and it was noted that there are still some outstanding bills from the Belknap construction.  Fundraising was very successful; and there will be a surplus in the Belknap account for upkeep and further improvements.
  • A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report; and it was approved by the Board.
    3. Membership –  Janet Weston gave information
  • There are currently 278 member units plus 171 family members, for a total of 449 GRPC members.  We have experienced much growth  in the past year !
  • Mike Madura has not been able to contact for what support they could offer with membership, tournament registration, etc.
    1. 4. Draigh Award –  the committee has met and approved the selections.  Names will be announced at the Fun Tournament.


    5. National State Games of America –  info from Keith Wolverton
  • The venue has still not been set.  Keith is also looking at places for holding a dinner/ social event prior to the tournament.

6. Belknap Project/ Long term planning –

–  Mike Bart, John Schowalter and Paul Richards will chair a committee to look at future planning and growth.  Names were suggested for other committee members.

– There was a long discussion about paddle racks, level of play, opportunities to play at skill levels during open play times,  opportunities for womens’ play, etc.   Member surveys were looked at for input.

7.   Website –   Neil Johnson

– Neil asked about the advertising “policy” for the website.  He will be consulting with Brad Lentz about this.

– Neil brought up the opportunity to have “ Board email” addresses for the Board members, separate from their individual emails addresses.   There were good reasons for this. A motion was made, seconded and passed to have Neil further pursue this.

8. Instruction –    Frank Graves

–  Frank submitted a proposal to the Board with recommendations for approval of Club standards for lessons, teaching, cost, class size, etc.  It was noted that USAPA now has a document, “Guidelines for Teaching Pickleball”.  After discussion, there were small changes made to the proposal submitted, and it was decided to adopt the USAPA Guidelines.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the amended “Club Instruction Procedures and Syllabi” and use the USAPA “Guidelines for Teaching Pickleball”.  Motion was passed.  A copy of the Club Procedures is attached.

9. Tournaments –  Paul Richards

– Paul is the new GRPC Tournament Director.  He is planning the Fall Friendzy with Tim M for Oct 8.   He has plans for some additional Friday Nights’ Lights tournaments next year, as well as a large summer tournament at Belknap.

–  There were many positive comments about the Labor Day event, and thanks went out to Paul, Linda Jirous and Sarah Rosenblum for their planning.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 after we lost members !

Next meeting:   Wed. Oct 19,  4:00 pm at Bob Trout’s home.

Minutes submitted,    Ellen Westveer

GR Pickleball Board Approved Instruction Procedure and Syllabi                               (Approved 9/21/16)

1. Board approve syllabi for instruction of pickleball is the USAPA Guidelines for Teaching Pickleball on the website.

2. Recommendation of fees.
Beginners (Suggest a $30 fee for non-club members; $15 fee for members for 4 lessons.  Money to go into the GR Pickleball Club treasury.)   When lessons are given at MSA or similar facility where a cost is required, no fee will be solicited beyond the facility cost/fees.

3. Recommended class size is limited to 8 people per 1 instructor.  Expand by 4 students per 1 volunteer helper of instructor.   Sessions could go for 1 hour per session.

4. Instructors must be interviewed and approved by our Instructor and Skills Coordinator/Education and Outreach Coordinator (hereafter referred to as ISC/EOC) to determine qualifications of each instructor.

5. Instructors must all go thru an orientation given by our ISC/EOC to share the standardized syllabi and make sure all are on the same page.

6. ISC/EOC, or other club members, will screen all those wishing to join a class to determine level of instruction and share syllabi with students.

7. ISC/EOC will coordinate classes, levels, venues, dates, times, cost, etc.

8. ISC/EOC will contact our Public Relations/Communication board member to communicate all necessary information regarding classes, levels, venues, dates, times, cost, etc.

9. ISC/EOC will contact our PR/C board member to solicit instructors and volunteer helpers of instructors.

10. ISC/EOC will solicit instructor(s) for levels above 4.0.  Syllabi and compensation will need to be discussed because of the level of the player(s) and intensity of play.

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –  August 16, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Mike Madura, vice-president; David Boyd, treasurer; Ellen Westveer, secretary; Frank Graves, Open Play/Expansion; Neil Johnson, Public Relations/ Communications; Jim Price,  Advanced Play;  Jim Command, venues; Linda Jirous, Instruction/Skills; Carol Schultz, communications; Paul Richards, Advanced Play/Instruction; Keith Wolverton, State Games; Mike Bart, Belknap project.

Minutes from July 19, 2016 meeting were approved.
1. President’s Report:  Bob Trout

  • Friday Night Lights tournament went very well.  There are tentative plans for repeat on  Sept.  9 coordinated by Linda J and Sarah R.
  • Still need a Tournament Coordinator. Suggested getting in touch with people who indicated on the survey that they would get involved.
  • The suggestion was made to have a Monday night event at Belknap for new players.
  • There was also a suggestion to have night times for different skill level play.
  • There is a ladies mixer on Thurs 9-11 am for 2.5-3.0 players. This is hosted by Char A and Kathy Holton.
  • Oct 1 is the date for the Fun Tournament coordinated by Larry and Cinda Walters.  It will be the rain date for the Labor Day raffle , if that day gets rained out.
  • We are starting to gear up for indoor play. Bob contacted Ramblewood/Premier Fitness.  They will give us times on Sat & Sunday from 9 am – 1 pm, as well as Thurs. from 5 – 7 pm. It was suggested that we divide the times in 2 hour increments based on skill level. The $5 cost is for 2 hours of play.
  • The ladies group will continue on Tues am at Premier Fitness after Labor Day.
  • Draigh Award –  Mike M will contact Peggy Reed who coordinated this last year, and he will be in charge of the process.
  • There was discussion about having links on our webpage for business sponsors who contribute to Club fundraising.  Paul and Mike will work on some protocols for that.

2. Treasurer’s Report:  Dave Boyd

  • Dave did not have a written report this month.  He’s been inundated with new membership applications and donations for the Belknap project.  He has been paying for the improvements at Belknap as the bills come in.

3. Membership Report:   from Janet Weston

  • There are currently 249 memberships, with over 400 individuals included. Janet, Dave and Neil are looking at a way to streamline the membership process.
  • It was suggested that we have a small gift to give people as they pay their membership dues. Linda J has some catalogues, and she will look into it.
  • Bob got a call from regarding how they could support our membership and tournament registrations.  Mike M will call them for more information and costs.

4. State Games of America:   Keith Wolverton

  • There is still not a venue site from MSA for the Games.
  • John Schowalter was awarded the 2016 Meijer State Games Volunteer of the Year.  This will be publicized to the Club.

5. Court Maintenance:

  • Dave B has been keeping an eye on things at Belknap as he is there frequently.  The leaf blower is kept at Dave’s home for security reasons.  If any members see the need for blowing clean the courts, please contact Dave Boyd.

6. Website:   Neil Johnson

  • Neil has spent a lot of time exploring a website calendar, but has not been successful at finding one that fits our needs.

7. Communications:  Carol Schultz

  • Carol has had trouble finding emails for some of the newer members.  She will call people to get this info.

8. Donations/ Fundraising:   Mike Bart, Dave Boyd.

  • Donations have been coming in; but we still need contributions from members.  There are 80 people on the 100/$100 Club.  Fundraising will be done at the Labor Day social event.
  • Mike thanked the committee members for their efforts.
  • It was recommended that any extra funds be kept in a separate account for ongoing maintenance needs at the Belknap courts.

9. Instruction / Skills:  Frank Graves, Linda Jirous

  • Linda has put together some standardized instructions/ syllabus for the different skills levels.  It is recommended that all Club sponsored instruction follow these guidelines. An orientation for instructors and volunteers will be held.  Linda J will coordinate this process.  Frank and Linda will put together some “talking points” for the Board to consider at the next meeting.
  • There was some discussion regarding number of players per class, registration,  and  costs for lessons, other than new player lessons.

10. Czech Rep. support:

  • Dave is waiting for an invoice from Pickleball Central, and will pay that when it comes.

11. Venues:   Jim Command, Jim Price

  • Jim C would appreciate any leads on new sites for indoor play this Fall/Winter.
  • It was suggested we have a “New Player” night at Belknap to show people the procedures there.
  • Jim P is adding a  10th bracket to the Tues. am ladder.  This brings the total number of players to 40 people.  There is definitely the need for another ladder league.

12. Social:   Linda Jirous, Paul Richards

  • The Labor Day event is being planned and raffle tickets sold.  The list of items for the raffle and silent auction will be publicized soon.
  • Linda could use some help at the event.
  • The Fun Tournament is Oct. 1, coordinated by Larry and Cinda Walters.

Next Meeting:  Wed. Sept 21. 4:00 pm  @ Ellen’s house –   5279 Fawn Creek Dr. Wyoming 49418

Minutes submitted, Ellen Westveer, secretary

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –  July 19, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Mike Madura, vice-president; David Boyd, treasurer;  Ellen Westveer, secretary; Frank Graves , Open Play/Expansion; Neil Johnson, Public Relations, Communications; Paul Richards, Ambassador, Instruction/Adv. Play;  Linda Jirous, Ambassador, Social, Instruction; Jim Command, Venues.

Minutes from the June 28, 2016 meeting were approved.

1. President’s Report:  Bob Trout

  • Bob submitted a written report entitled Belknap Improvements Committee Report from a July 13 meeting.  The report outlines and prioritizes  the desired improvements to the Belknap courts and the cost for each phase.  In summary: resurface 2 new courts – $6000;  purchase/install 2 new nets and posts – $1300;  new fencing – $1900.  Replace lower 6 ft of fencing for safety reasons – $3800.  Windscreens on east/west fences – $ 2100.
  • A fundraising goal of $15,000 has been set, with approximately $1500 already raised. The fundraising committee members are: Paul Richards, Linda Jirous, Mike Bart, Mike Madura, Jim Command. Other names suggested were: Sarah Rosenblum, Dave Boyd, Kathy White There will be a meeting on July 27, 6:00 pm at Belknap.
  • The Committee Report and Fundraising goals were approved as written by the Board.
  • There was extensive discussion regarding what responsibility the City of Grand Rapids has for the improvements in fencing to meet safety concerns.  Bob Trout will write a letter to the City regarding safety concerns with the fencing, liability, and possibly sharing in the costs for improvement.

2. Treasurer’s Report:  David Boyd

  • Dave submitted a written report of income and expenditures as of 7-19-16.  The Club has a balance of $7570.69.  The report was approved by the Board.
  • All the paperwork for the Poker Night fundraiser has been completed.
  • Dave will open a separate account for the Fundraising monies collected.

3. Meijer Games:   from Keith Wolverton

  • $2100 was raised for the Club from the Meijer games.
  • A planning meeting for the State Games of America next August will be held on July 26 at Mike Madura’s home.

4. Bylaws:

  • The Bylaws have been completed and approved by the Membership.   A question was raised as to whether they have been submitted to the proper authorities ??

5. Membership:  from  Janet Weston

  • As of 7/14/16 there are 210 “units”  and 337 individuals on the membership rolls.

6. Court Maintenance:   from  John Schowalter

  • John needs to set a time to powerwash the courts.  It has been impossible to find a time when the courts are not being used !

7. Website:   Neil Johnson

  • Neil questioned who approves what gets posted to the website ?  He is getting requests from members to post things, and wonders who should first approve these requests. The Board set the policy that anything posted must come through a Board member. ( Bob Trout, Mike Madura, David Boyd, Ellen Westveer, Neil Johnson, Jim Price, Frank Graves ). 
  • Neil is continuing to work on training videos.

8. City Relations:  from John Schowalter

  • The city located 2 small bleachers which will be delivered soon.   The City parks dept. will have funds to cover the cost of the porta potty next year.  The Parks Advisory committee meets on the first Wed. of the month.
  • Lighting is all set for the July 29 pm tournament.

9. Community Outreach:   from John Schowalter

  • Members will be doing some instruction/ play at Heartside.

10. Tournaments:  Bob T, Linda J

  • Friday Night Lights tournament/ fundraiser on July 29 is all set.
  • Dirty Dozen challenge will now be held at Belknap rather than Spring Lake. Linda will get some water bottles.    The Dirty Dozen banner is missing after being up at the Meijer Games.
  • We still need a Director for Club Tournaments !

11. Social:  Linda Jirous

  • Linda has ordered some catalogues for small gifts for new members and members who renew dues.
  • There was discussion about inviting City Parks Advisory committee members to Belknap for play and social time.

12. Instruction/ Skills:  Linda Jirous, Frank Graves

  • There are many people showing up for beginners instruction, often making it impossible for one teacher to manage.  There was discussion about a way to have people pre-register, limiting the numbers, and about possibly charging for lessons.
  • There was discussion around having some structure and sequence for lessons, and the desire to have a syllabus for teachers to follow for Beginner,  Intermediate and Advanced lessons.  Linda and Frank will work on this task.
  • It was recognized that we are just getting organized as a Club and teachers, etc.  It is wonderful to have such a demand for lessons, and now the Club wishes to have some procedures in place.

13. Advanced Play/ Instruction:   Paul Richards

  • The Monday night instruction will end July 25.  It’s possible that opportunity for players to be “rated”  will continue in this time slot after that date.
  • The Thurs. night 4.0 play will continue through Labor Day.

14. Adoption of Sister Club in Czech Republic:   Linda Jirous

  • Linda submitted a written report from Jodi Oppenhuizen, a club member who serves in the Czech Republic and is organizing and advancing pickleball throughout the area.  Jodi has organized play at the Christian International School of Prague where 100+ students can play during PE classes; at a Monday night Pickleball Club; at the southern Prague neighborhood she lives in;  at church retreats; and at the Fit Club Recreation Center in Lenka. Jodi has also begun working with an international pickleball association.  She is reaching 200-300 people with the game.
  • Jodi has requested financial support and donations of equipment from the GR Club.
  • The Board approved adopting the Czech Club as a sister club, and the donation of equipment and $1000 of funds toward this sister club’s needs.
  • The GR Board will ask Jodi to give us periodic updates of her ventures.

Next meeting:   Tuesday Aug. 16  4:30 pm (after ladder concludes) at Bob Trout’s home,  1833 Cross Bend St NE.

Minutes submitted,   Ellen Westveer, secretary

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting:  June 28, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Mike Madura, vice-president; David Boyd, treasurer; Ellen Westveer, secretary;  Jim Price, director Advanced Play; Linda Jirous, Ambassador, coordinator Instruction & Social; Keith Wolverton, Ambassador, director Meijer games; Larry Keefe, Ambassador, instructor; Jim Command, coordinator Venues;  Paul Richards, Ambassador,  instruction/ advanced play.

Minutes from the  May 10, 2016 Board Meeting were approved.

1. President’s Report:  Bob Trout

  • two AED trainings were completed, training approximately 25 people.  The AED is kept in the shed at Belknap Park.  There is a check sheet for required  monthly battery checks. There is also a 1st Aid kit and ice packs in the shed.  Jim Price ordered small CPR/AED cards for people to keep.
  • There was some limited discussion about the June Annual meeting.  Suggestion cards were reviewed.
  • There were approximately 60 people who participated in the beginners’ instruction classes in June.  This indicates a growing interest in pickleball and high demand for beginner classes.
  • There is a need for Club coordinators, particularly a Tournament Coordinator as well as Community Liaisons and Education/ Outreach.

2. Treasurer’s Report:  David Boyd

  • Dave submitted a written report showing income and expenses, with a current balance of  $5048.99.
  • There was discussion again about doing a fund raiser/ “poker night” type event which has the potential to raise quite a few dollars.

3. Meijer Games:   Keith Wolverton

  • Keith said that the directors’ goal for running the Meijer games was “to run the best tournament possible”, and not necessarily to make the most money. Keith gave credit to the many volunteers.  There will be an appreciation event later for volunteers.
  • The State Games of America will be held August 3-6, 2017, and it is anticipated to be a large event.  There is not yet a site designated.  There will be a need for referees.  Keith suggested to the Board that we encumber some funds to promote the Games during the coming months.
  • It was determined that we should have a separate meeting designated solely to discuss the State Games and planning needed to run a successful large tournament.

4. Membership:   Janet on vacation

  • Janet and Dave are looking at ways to improve the membership forms and and the process.

5. Court Maintenance:

  • Lines will be painted on the extra tennis courts at Belknap.
  • There is a need for more used paddles in the box at Belknap.   A complaint was made to a member.

6. Website:   report from Neil Johnson

  • Neil will be getting the Meijer games pictures and upload them to the Club website.  He said this would be done in the next couple of days.  Neil is collaborating with Rich Dawson and others to produce a video training program for USAPA referees.
  • The suggestion was made to put information regarding the Facebook Community page and how to access it on the Club website.

7. Social:  Linda Jirous

  • There was some interest in a late night fun tournament/event at Belknap.
  • Linda has ideas and suggestions for other social events
  • Linda made the recommendation to the Board that we adopt Jody Oppenhuizen’s pickleball club/“ministry” in Czechoslovakia as a “Sister Club” and provide financial and equipment support.  Jody participated in the Meijer games this year, and will leave again in early Aug. for Czech.   The Board was supportive of this, and Linda will bring complete information to the next Board meeting at which time a motion will be made.

8. Instructions/ Skills:   Linda Jirous , Larry Keefe,  Paul Richards

  • Paul reported that they had 39 people in the advanced play/trainings on Thurs. pm.
  • There is a need for more beginner lessons.   Larry has had very full classes.  Linda just finished a session, and offered to begin another.

There were no other Committee Reports.

Old Business:

  1. Windscreens , Fencing and Gates:
  • A committee looked into windscreens, and it would cost approximately $1700 for the 3 tall end fences with minimal effectiveness.
  • A higher priority is fixing the tall fences, as they are a safety hazard.  It would cost $4400 to replace one taller/ 12 foot fence.  An option would be to have 6 foot fences.
  • Gates cost approximately $100 each, and there are 14 openings.
  • It was recommended that an email be sent to the City Parks Dept. regarding the safety concern with the fences.

No date was set for the next meeting.

Minutes submitted,   Ellen Westveer, secretary

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –  May 10, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president;  David Boyd, treasurer, Ellen Westveer, secretary;  Neil Johnson, webmaster;  Keith Wolverton, committees/ambassador;  John Schowalter, ambassador.

Minutes from April 19, 2016  Board meeting were approved.

1. President’s Report:   Bob Trout

  • AED trainings will be held Wed May 11 at Belknap, and Sat. May 21 after the Annual meeting.  The AED will be kept in the Shed.  Key to shed lock is in the box.  The code for the lock on the box is 0002.
  • There was discussion on “open play”, how to include everyone, and the needs of members of various skill levels.
  • There was discussion on rating systems for tournaments.  This is an issue around the country.
  • There was discussion regarding open Board and committee positions, and names were generated as possibilities.  Bob will contact people regarding their willingness to serve.


    • Annual Meeting is Sat. May 21  9:00 am at Schowalter’s  home/ Firehouse.  Please bring breakfast dish and a chair .

2. Treasurer’s Report –  Dave Boyd

  • Dave  submitted a written report which was approved by the Board.  Fund balance is $4392.46.


3. Bylaws – Keith Wolverton

  • Suggestions for changes have been  submitted to Keith, approved by the Board, and changes will be  in the final draft sent to members to approval at the May 21 Annual Meeting.


4. Meijer Games –  Keith Wolverton

  • There are 173 registrations, plus some partners, which is ahead of last year at this time.  There will be 2 vendors, and $5 coupons will be included in registration packets to be used at these vendors.  Neil Johnson and Eric Gustafson are managing the referees.


5. Court Maintenance –

  • John Schowalter has agreed to chair this committee.
  • A recycle bin has been ordered.
  • A request to have ice packs at Belknap was received from a member; and the Board approved ice packs to be added to the ( minimal ) first aid kit on site.


6. Website –  Neil Johnson

  • Neil is working with Rich Dawkins on training videos to have on the website.  It will be a work in progress.


7. City Relations –   John Schowalter

  • John met with the head of the GR Parks Department.   The city has a low priority on a concession/ restroom building for Belknap.  There are restrooms behind the hockey building, and the city has ordered signs to designate those for the publics’ use.’’   The city has extra bleachers available, but they have not yet been found.  The city will not repair the fencing;  the Club will need to do that.


8. Donations –  Dave Boyd

  • There was discussion about possible charities for the Board to be involved with and donate funds to.
  • There was discussion on having an “honorary membership” given for special occasions.  After discussion it was decided not to implement a policy at this time.


9. Venues –   report given

  • First Ref. Church in Grandville is filled, and not available.
  • 4 club members taped the courts at the Visser YMCA.  They will run 7-8 week sessions for a set fee ( $50 ?) and you don’t need to be a member of the Y.
  • Ramblewood is asking what the Club needs for summer hours.  Bob T will contact Natalie.


10. Tournaments –

  • Larry and Cinda are stepping down.


There were no other committee reports.

Next meeting tentatively set for Tues. June 28,  4:00 pm at Bob Trout’s home.

Minutes submitted,    Ellen Westveer, secretary.

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Minutes from Board Meeting –  April 19, 2016

Present:  Bob Trout, president; Peggy Reed, vice-president; David Boyd, Treasurer; Ellen Westveer, secretary; Neil Johnson, webmaster; Carol Schultz, communications; Kathy Stevenson, membership.

Minutes from March 15 Board meeting were approved.

1. President’s Report:   Bob Trout

  • An AED has been purchased, and includes a training session.  Bob will look into dates.  Kathy Stevenson is also a trainer and is willing to do additional trainings for members.
  • There was some discussion about how and when to “organize play” when courts get very busy and there is the need for differing levels of play among members.
  • There is a request for reserving 4 courts on Thurs. pm’s at Belknap for aggressive play.  This will be allowed and see how it goes.
  • Annual Meeting will be Sat. am May 21 at Schowalter’s Fire House.   It is anticipated that we will do an AED training following the meeting.
  • Bob will put out the word for nominees for Board and Chair positions.

2. Treasurer’s Report:    Dave Boyd

  • Dave submitted a written report which was approved by the Board.  Fund balance is $4716.10, which does not include the cost of the AED purchase.  There was some discussion on how to spend funds to benefit members and promote the sport.

3. Meijer Games:  Keith Wolverton sent information

  • We are all set for the hosting the games at MVP.   Referee chairs are Neil Johnson, Eric Gustafson and Rich Dawkins.   A gift card of $5 to use at the vendors will be included in players’ registration packets.

4. Bylaws :   Keith/ committee

  • The final draft has been submitted to the Board and is accepted as written.   Bob will send out the draft electronically to members, and the Bylaws will be presented to members for final approval at the May 21 Membership meeting.

5. Membership:   Kathy Stevenson

  • Dues and forms are coming in via Paypal and checks.  Kathy sends a welcome letter to new members.  New information forms are required each year so as to keep contact and emergency information current.

6. Website:  Neil Johnson

  • Rich Dawkins has trained Neil and other to be certified referees. Rich would like some training videos, but this can get complicated to do.  Neil is putting some short videos for training funds could support this work.

7. Court Maintenance:

  • Porta jon is on site.   Water was still not turned on at this time.

8. Communications:    Carol Shultz

  • Carol will include information on the Facebook Community page and the GRPC website in her welcome letter to new members.

9. Donations:  Dave B

  • Dave has the paperwork for the Casino Night fundraiser, and noted that it is a long process.  Dates are filled through 2016.

10. City Relations:

  • Bob T and Keith W are wanting to attend a GR Parks committee meeting at some point to give Club input.

11. Venues:

  • Cherry Street courts are lined and paddles donated from Club members.
  • Tuesday ladder league will continue through the summer, and may expand to 36 active players.
  • Clarification was made that only ladder league active members, not subs, must hold Club membership.
  • Carol S will continue to hold her Tues. am Womens’ league at Belknap beginning May 10.
  • First Ref. Church in Grandville has 2 new courts.   Ellen will check there in the Fall re: availability.
  • Wedgewood Park in Grandville has 2 outdoor courts in process of getting ready.

12. Tournaments:

  • Right To Life tournament is Aug. 7-8 at Belknap

13. Social:

  • There were no available dates at Whistlestop for a potluck.  Linda J will plan some “pop up” events at Belknap as weather permits.

Next  Meeting-   Tues. May 10, 4:00 pm @ Bob Trout’s home

Minutes submitted,  Ellen Westveer, secretary