Issue #5

Summer 2015 Grand Rapids Pickleball News/Update

The summer is coming to a close and lots of Pickleball has been played both around town and at tournaments. The Tuesday ladder league has played all summer and the Friday night ladder has filled up and will start in October. If you have interest in starting another ladder league in another location/time, feel free to contact Jim Price or Eric Gustafson for information.

It seems the play at Belknap has “spread out” this summer as opposed the last summer. Courts are being used nearly every day and evening rather than being slammed on a few nights. From my observation there have been few nights when we’ve needed to line up paddles and wait for courts. Two new courts have helped, but I also think many people have found alternative groups and times to play. As always, encourage people to join in….share the courts.

Kudos to Jack Reedy for setting up the GR Pickleball Club Community group page on Facebook. People have found this very useful in learning where/when people are playing. If you have a Facebook page and want to join the group, you should email me, or Jack Reedy,, and we will send you an invite. (It’s a very exclusive “invite only” group!)

Linda Jirous, 616-238-4412, our local Pickleball supply connection, has offered to donate 10% of her pickleball sales to the club. She can usually allowed people to try different paddles before they make their selection. That’s a real benefit.

Congrats to Linda Jirous for being named our newest Pickleball Ambassador by USAPA. She joins our current Ambassador group of Richard Draigh, Keith Wolverton, Jeanne Schowalter, John Schowalter, and Ross Kornoelje.

We now have a club account with By entering the proper discount code, which is CRGrandRapids, club members can obtain a 5% discount on orders placed with Pickleball Central. In addition they will return another 5% to the club each February in the form of a gift certificate.

Draigh Award Nominations

The Grand Rapids Pickleball Club initiated The Draigh Award to recognize one male and female player who best meets the criteria selected by Barbara and Richard (Dick) Draigh, the founding members of Grand Rapids Pickleball.

This award recognizes those individuals who:

1. Openly promotes the game
2. Represent the game in the most positive manner
3. Exercise sportsmanship at all times
4. Is willing to play with lesser skilled partners
5. Welcomes new players and helps to make them feel a part of the group 6. Steps forwards to help and volunteer to committees and special projects

If you want to nominate someone from the club for this award, please send your nomination to myself or Peggy Reed along with a short note as to why/how this person fits the award criteria. Let’s get these in by the end of Sept.


Club Board Highlights:

We had just over $5000 in the club treasury, mostly from dues. We’ve received a few nice donations lately. We are a 501.c3 organization so donations made to the club are tax deductible. Our largest annual expense to date has been outdoor balls for Belknap. We are looking for projects to fund to promote the game of pickleball and/or improve our club or community. If you have ideas talk with one of the board members.

To improve safety we are looking into covering the tops of the chain link fences around Belknap. It requires about 900 ft of plastic tile. If you look at the baseball diamond you will notice the yellow plastic on top of the fences. That’s what we are talking about. Once we have the plastic tile we will be asking for help to install it. Also, Dave Boyd and crew cut off the odd posts that were remaining in a few of the courts. Thanks, Dave.

Linda Jirous has volunteered to head up our social activities for the club. She already had organized the Pickleball 50th birthday party. We are looking for her and her helpers to organize 3-4 activities throughout the year. If you have ideas or suggestions, send them Linda’s way.

The club has purchased a pop-up canopy for use at club events. It is being stored in the shed and can be used at Belknap or to take to other club activities/tournaments. Please let Bob T or Peggy R know if you need it for an event.

Terri Schrock is looking into club clothing. If you have ideas or requests, sent them her way.

We’ve had one recent occasion where a cell phone was taken from a player. This wasn’t done by a club member, but remember to be careful about leaving money or valuables in the open. Also, if not currently playing, please watch what’s going on around the bags/chairs for others.

Pickle On!

Bob Trout, President
Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

Issue # 4

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club
Spring News Letter April 22, 2015

Club LogoMembership

The membership year ends on April 30, 2015 and if you haven’t yet paid, now’s the time to do so. Cost is the same as last year: $15 for a single membership and $25 for a family. When compared to the Lakeshore Pickleball Club dues of $20 and $40, we’re definitely less expensive.
The easiest way to pay is to go on-line to, select “Membership” and pay using your credit card or through PayPal. If you’d rather join using a personal check, a copy of the membership registration form can be downloaded and your data manually entered. Mail your check and membership form to Don Bont at the address indicated on the form. We need your support each year primarily for annual park maintenance costs with the remainder going towards other project areas. Help us out.

Capital Projects for 2015 – 2016

This year we’re working with the City of Grand Rapids, Parks and Recreation, to purchase benches for Belknap Park. We’ve talked to them on the phone and they’ll soon (we hope) provide specifications and cost for the benches we’ll need. If we can raise sufficient funding for the benches, you’ll no longer need to bring your own portable chairs to sit down.
The second project is a “Simon” machine. If you haven’t seen this machine work, you can find demonstrations on YouTube. Its primary purpose is for training everyone from beginners to advanced players. We anticipate that it will be heavily used at Belknap in the summer and other venues during the winter months. This machine is a marvel. It takes over 100 balls, and based upon the setting you put in, it will continuously work your back-hand shots, your ground stokes, your drop shots, or any shot you program.
So….how do we get the needed benches and the training machine. We’re soliciting for funds first from the members and then from other outside sources. Why did we go to you first for the money? It’s relatively simple. Outside sources will want to know what we’ve done among the members to collect the needed funding. We’ll be able to show them that we have collected a percentage of the total funds needed and now we need their assistance.
Your funds can be donated directly through the designated tab “Donate” on the website. If you’d rather do this the manual way, we can work that out also. Just let us know.
Donations from $5, $10, on up are all acceptable. Please give if you can. All donations made to our Club are tax deductible. You will receive an acknowledge letter or email after your donation is made for your financial records.

Annual Meeting

Our annual Club meeting will be coming in May or June (or July and August) after a number of our players from Arizona and Florida return. An agenda will be prepared and emailed to Club members only. If there are items you would like to discuss with the group, this would be the time.

Belknap Park

A few items about Belknap play. Until the City turns on the water, you’ll need to bring your own water and has previously been stated, your own chair to sit on. As we did last year, a portable restroom has been ordered and will be available so that you don’t have to leave the immediate area for relief. We’re slowly transitioning to Belknap but it will be dependent on the weather. Until it’s warm enough, continue to use MVP and other indoor venues currently active.

Ramblewood Tennis Club

For those using Ramblewood for play, the hours will remain the same until the weather warms up and the hours will definitely change on Memorial day. Currently on Saturday, the hours are 9:00 – 11:00 for beginners/intermediates and 12:00 – 3:00 for advance players.
As information, whenever we do find out about changed hours of play, our website,, is updated as soon as possible. We recommend that you use the website as a first check for all questions about locations and times of play for any venue.

Caledonia Pickleball Play

Pickleball play will restart on April 24 from 6:30 – 8:30, Friday nights. Play will run through May 29 and there will be NO play on May 8 or May 22 (although this could change for the two dates). See our website for more details. Cost is $5 per player.

Lake Shore Invitational Tournament

Congratulations to Mike Bart and Dick O’Connell, two of our Club members, for winning the gold medal at this tournament, which was held last weekend. Did you know that these two won high school tennis tournaments when playing together in their youth? Obviously they’re a good team.

The Melissa Roche Tournament

Our thanks to Cinda and Larry Walters, Kathy Stevenson, Angie Reedy, and the many others who worked so hard in putting this benefit tournament together. The turnout was excellent, the play was fun, and most importantly, we were able to financially help Melissa’s family.

The Draigh Award

Each year the membership votes on two individuals (male and female) who:
1. Openly promotes the game
2. Represent the game in the most positive manner
3. Exercise sportsmanship at all times
4. Is willing to play with lesser skilled partners
5. Welcomes new players and helps to make them feel a part of the group
6. Steps forwards to help and volunteer to committees and special projects

Keep this award in mind and if you observe any players whom you think is deserving of this award, make a note of it. We’ll be sending out requests for this information and your votes later in the summer months. Last year, the award went to John and Jeanne Schowalter.

The Meijer Games

Volunteers are always needed to make the Games successful. We’ll need your help for taping the courts, setting up court netting, numbering the courts, working the check-in desk, and the most favorite of all – refereeing the games. The Meijer Games is a sanctioned tournament and as such, it must have a referee for each game played. We need your help.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please let Keith Wolverton know what you would like to do. Eric Gustafson is in-charge of all referees and if you’re interested, he can provide personal training, direct you to YouTube training videos, and give all sort of quiz questions to help you get ready. It’s not really difficult and you actually have the best view in the Fieldhouse.

If you’d like to register to play in the Meijer State Games, go to, look up Meijer Games, and complete the data information requested. Qualified medal winners in the Meijer State Games can play in the National Senior Games to be held in Grand Rapids in 2017.

Just as a Reminder

The Club’s primary purpose is to promote pickleball by making it fun, challenging, and teaching the best part of sportsmanship. When we have “Open Play” sessions, it means that. Anyone can play at any skill level. As the USAPA indicates on their website, the most fun is when players of similar skills levels compete again each other. However, always keep in mind that lower skilled players also like to play with better players. If you have an opportunity to play with various skill level players, do so and enjoy it. Not every game has to be super competitive or “tournament” play. Pickleball should be about fun.

Our website, under Player Resources, has various subjects about training and one training subject is entitled “Tip from a Pro: How to play with a better player”, written by the Pickleball Guru, Prem Garnot. You may find this article informative and it gives perspectives from stronger players playing against weaker players and weaker players wanting to play with better players. It’s worth reading and keeping in mind.

Keep us Informed

If you have a suggestion, comment, or a different direction you would like the Club to consider, let the Board members know – preferably by email – as discussions on the court sometimes (actually quite frequently) get lost. Their email addresses are posted on the Club’s website.

Have a great summer!!

Issue #3


Board Message  Club Logo

Hard to believe it is October already! As the summer months have come and gone, we’re gearing up to tackle fall and winter. The board met last Wednesday, October 17, 2014, we thought we’d discuss a few of the agenda items as well as some other areas of possible interest.

Dick and Barb Draigh Award

John and Jeanne Schowalter were the first recipients of this award. They earned your votes andDraigh-Trophy this award through their leadership, their volunteering, and their promotion of the great game of pickleball.

On the website you will find a tab that gives the criteria for achieving the Draigh Award and some of the award’s history. As this award will be given out annually, please keep the criteria in mind as you are with other players.


Eric Gustafson, with some technical help from Eric Medemar, has created an amazing website. Lots of information, schedules, photos, board member contact info, etc. are on the website. The number of hits continue to grow each month. Please check it out to get the latest news on what is happening with Grand Rapids Pickleball. The address is:

Belknap Park

Many improvements were made at Belknap this season. A new shed was installed, lots of painting occurred, lots of weeds were pulled, new signs and banners were placed, and lastly, new benches and a porta john were all additions to our home court. Thank you to all our club members who assisted with the work and expenses of these items.

Next year the City of Grand Rapids has agreed to installing new courts 7 and 8 (with fencing) at its expense. This is a terrific addition and one that we could have used this year due to the increased play at the courts. Thank you to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Belknap nets will be coming down later this month or November. Play when you can.


Don Anderson, our membership chairman, reported continued growth in our club membership with 147 paid members! He also indicated that although we have membership forms for the vast majority of players, there are a few situations where dues were paid, but a membership form is not on file. Next year, we’ll need a membership form from each player (excepting family registrations).

For clarification, the Board confirmed that the membership year is May 1 thru April 30. This ties into dues collection that begins each spring. If you desire to become a member to help support pickleball, we would be glad to have you. A downloadable form is available under the membership tab and dues
may be paid on line.

MVP Status

The Club is extremely pleased to again be playing indoors at the MVP Fieldhouse located behind Meijer’s on 28th Street. Open play is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. The cost is $5.00 with no membership required. We MVPalso have a ladder league Tuesday morning and another ladder league on Friday night. If you would like to join one of the ladders, contact Jim Price for Tuesday play and Eric Gustafson for Friday play. They can provide all the details and requirements for a challenge to your pickleball skills. Their contact information is found on our website.

If you get a chance, remember to thank the MVP staff for all the help they’ve provided. This is a great indoor facility and it significantly helps pickleball play in the Grand Rapids area.


Bob Fraser is preparing the necessary documentation for the Club to become a 501(c)3 organization. Once approved by the IRS, any donations from private or business entities will be tax deductible. This could potentially be very useful for special future projects such as wind screens, new courts at other outside locations, etc. Bob was also appointed an ex officio member of the Board.

Meijer Games

Each June the Meijer Games are a significant attraction to the Grand Rapids area. A pickleball tournament is just one event of the Games. Next year Keith has taken on the tournament director position with major assistance from John. Currently, we’re thinking of changing the game format (after hearing from several players) to skill level within an age group. As an example, all 3.5 skill level players between 60 and 69 would compete against each other, etc. More tournaments are heading in this direction and players of similar skill levels are more competitive. If you have any thoughts you would like to communicate, Keith and John’s emails are located on the website.

Belknap Tournament

For next year the Club is tentatively planning a small, local tournament at Belknap. We’re thinking of different formats and possibly limiting it to surrounding communities if enough players are interested. Jim Price volunteered to act as the director with help from Linda and Eric G. John will run the software. If you have any ideas for us to consider, let us know. Email Larry Walters, the current Tournament Chair, or Jim.

Community Outreach

David V. chaired an amazing event for the Down’s Syndrome organization. Many children and their families played pickleball for the very first time! Thank you, David (and those assisting) for sharing your time to make this opportunity possible. David will be talking with Special Olympics about an event in December. Know of a possible venue, please contact David.

2017 State Games of America

Grand Rapids will be hosting the state games in 2017! This is an Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners from across the nation. Pickleball will be one of the scheduled events! Watch the website for further information.


If you’re interested in establishing week night pickleball play and know of a possible place to play, contact Linda or Jim Price with appropriate phone numbers, names and location. This might be a church, a school, or other community building. It’s potentially a great opportunity for an organization to raise some funds.

packetNew Members

Let’s all welcome the following new members:

Carolyn Carman, Jim Command, Dick Durell, Randy Gable, Richard Granse, Neil Johnson, James Malburg, Amanda Perez, Jim Readwin, Scott Schrotenboer, Dick Welscott and Janet Weston. If we missed anyone, our apologies.

Welcome all to Grand Rapids Pickleball!

Tournament Winners  Two Pickles Playing

Great Lakes Regional Tournament
Larry and Dave- Gold
Peggy and Paula – Gold
Marsha and Jessica – Gold
Alice and Jeanne – Silver
Ross K and Rafael – Bronze
Jessica and Alex – Bronze

Lakeshore Tournament
Peggy and Anita Gold
Kim and Eric – Silver
Mo and Gib- Silver
Kelly and Scott – Bronze
Lamar and Gib- Bronze
Ray and Peggy- Bronze
Teri and Lamar- Bronze
Cinda and Sharon- Bronze

Traverse City
Larry and Dave- Gold
Ross and Mo- Silver
Angie and Corrinna- Silver
Jack and Jerry- Bronze
Kelly and Scott- Bronze

Gold Medals were won by-
Kim and Kelly
Randy and Jerry
Kim and Frank
Kelly and Eric
Ray and Peggy
Silver Medals were won by-
Ross and Eric
Dick and Mike
Dave and Larry
Dolly and Randy
Mo and Jamie
Larry and Cinda
Bronze Medals were won by-
Dolly and Deb
Doug and Ken
Amy and John

Lastly, Grand Rapids Pickleball was challenged by the “Dirty Dozen”, a group of 60+ gentlemen from the Grand Haven/Muskegon area; to a winner take all pickleball match. Naturally, we accepted the challenge and John appropriately named our 12 players the “Cleaning Machine”. Well….we won 24 of the 36 games played – essentially cleaning their clocks as one player put it. As winners, Grand Rapids will hold onto the traveling banner for one year or the next time challenged.

Congratulations to all the individual medal winners as well as the “Cleaning Machine”!

Closing comments

If you have an idea for promoting or improving the Club’s activities, let us know. We’re always interested.

Safe travels to all of those heading south or west for the winter months.

This may be the last newsletter for 2014. Any updates can be found on the website –

Have Fun, Play Safe!

This concludes our October newsletter. 


Issue #2


Board Message:

Club LogoJuly was a busy month for all of us and the various chair persons have been working hard – often without sleep to accomplish all their assignments. We even had one board member demonstrate how to pop a knee as an example of what not to do. Thank you Linda for your dedication to pickleball and for effectively demonstrating personal injuries. Recover soon.

On a more serious note, there is a lot going on and the following pretty much summarizes the news ending July.

Dick and Barbara Draigh:

Many of you already know Dick and Barbara but for those who don’t, these two are the primary founders of pickleball in the Grand Rapids area. Both individuals have been heavily involved in the promotion and development of pickleball, doing all those things that Ambassadors do for pickleball. For the Meijer State Games, Dick and Barbara have been instrumental in its organization, its fantastic growth, and it’s very successful running year after year.

This year the couple stated that it is their last time running the ship. Accordingly, we wish to pass on to them our sincere gratitudeDraigh Trophy and thanks for a job well done. We also, in their names, will begin the “Draigh Trophy”. The trophy will be perpetual and each year will be given out to one or two individuals who best meet the trophy requirements.

Dick and Barbara – Thank You.

Belknap Park:

The courts are looking fabulous and our thanks to all volunteers who have assisted in getting them to this condition. Weeds were pulled, trash was collected, and the courts were washed. As a reminder, please no food or drinks on the courts. Let’s keep them as clean as possible.

You may have noticed some other new enhancements like new benches, a new shed, repainted picnic tables, newly painted electrical box and a GR Pickleball sign that welcomes you as you step through the middle entrance.

Jeff Powers deserve all the credit for the much needed concrete benches. He acquired the funding and personally installed the three benches. Thank you Jeff.

The equipment shed came as a kit and it took most of an afternoon to get it together even with the simplified instructions (maybe 32 pages of instructions). It’s a lifetime building and will hold many of the tools and other items that were formerly stored offsite. It will make maintenance and storage easier for all. Thanks to the volunteers who gave their time.

We added a new welcome banner at Belknap Park. Larry and Cinda Walters did the work for this, designing the banner, coming up with the wording, and hanging the banner next to the middle entrance. Pass on your thanks when you see Larry and Cinda.

Larry and Dave V. used their off-hours (non-pickleball time) to sand down and repaint the picnic tables surrounding the courts. They look almost new. Thanks.

John Schowalter continues to be in communication with the city of Grand Rapids in regards to the funding and construction of two additional courts. Although moving slowly, every feedback seems positive that this will happen.
Last month we reported that the water line was broken which prevented our washing the courts. The city did the needed repair and water is now available. Still bring your own drinking water and keep hydrated. The park
is still lacking a water fountain.

Lastly, in August we’ve put a portable restroom by the courts. Relief at last.  Please do not confuse it with the new shed.


Membership is an extremely important element for the club and we continue to grow, although slowly. If you know of individuals who regularly use the facility and are not members, encourage them to join. Their help is always needed. For new members, thank you from all of us.

We’re also working on updating our records. If you haven’t already submitted a membership application, please download a copy
off the membership web site and mail it to the stated address on the form. As always, if you have any ideas and/or comments you would like to pass on, please use email and forward to one of the Board members. Their email addresses are also on the website.

Ladder League:

Jim Price is serving as the coordinator of the Thursday ladder league at the Byron Center Township building. There are 24 players and 12 subs and he is looking forward to the possibility of expanding this league in the fall. If you are interested in joining, let Jim know. Play is on Thursdays (11:00 am).

Special Projects:

David Vredevoogd is working with the Down syndrome organization and expects to have a special gathering at Belknap on September 6th at 10:oo am.(rain date of September 20th, same time). This activity will utilize only two courts so the other four will be free for anyone to play on while this activity is occurring. Volunteers will be needed to work with the kids for this very special event. Put it on your calendar and let Dave know of your availability.

GR Pickleball Website:

Check out the website ( ). Eric G and Eric M have been using their computer skills to keep the site updated so that we can all be informed. Eric M. and John S. were able to upgrade to automated PayPal function to include family member names for those requiring memberships for their family. In addition the link to the OLD Membership form was upgraded to link to the NEW membership form. Future upgrades should include (1) an online entry membership form with PayPal inclusion and (2) a webpage for member comments / updates for an individual’s communications with other club members.

For the month of July, the site had – 1,290 – visitors. Way to go!!!!

Southeast YMCA:

Board members from the Cascade Township approved the new construction of the proposed YMCA to be located behind MVP Fieldhouse. Work will begin in September and the facility is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015. Based upon our meeting with YMCA personnel, they are tentatively considering 6-7 indoor pickleball courts. Special thanks to Kathy White for keeping GR Pickleball in the loop.

Party Time:

Thanks Teri and Lamar for hosting a super pickleball picnic! It is so enjoyable to be with everyone – on and off the court!

Other Information:

A special thanks to our Ambassador Ross Kornoelje for organizing the joint play at Belknap Park with players from the Royal Oak and surrounding areas. Ross is looking at doing this again in the future. If you have room available in your house and wouldn’t mind having some of the distant players staying overnight, let him know.

Keep your calendar open for a fun club tournament similar to last year’s event. We’ll see if we can’t get it together.

The Club is still searching for someone to Chair the Community Interaction committee.


Tournament Results:

The club has been well represented at area tournaments. Congratulations to the following players who have medaled in the events:

Jessica Lemire – Gold
Jess and Alex Lemire – Silver
Kelly Stauffer and Ross Kornoelge – Silver
Amy Rawkowski – Silver
Mo Smith and Peggy Bakker- Silver
Teri Schrock and Sally Stahl – Bronze
Kim Miller – Bronze

Swartz Creek
Ray Zamora – Silver

Kris Hodges and Gib Reffitt – Gold
Ray Zamora and Peggy Bakker – Silver
Peggy Bakker – Bronze
Ray Zamora and Randy Hoekzema – Bronze
Pat Lindgren and Sandy Nyenhuis  –  Gold

Grand Haven
Teri and Lamar Schrock – Bronze
Randy Hoekzema – Silver

Royal Oak
Peggy Reed and Kris Hodges – Gold
Peggy Bakker – Gold
Jessica Lemire – Gold
Kim Miller and Kelly Stauffer – Bronze
Gibb Reffitt & Lamar Schrock- Bronze
Randy Hoekzema – Gold
Ross & Chris – Silver
Gibb Reffitt and Kris Hodges – Gold

This concludes our August newsletter. As always, have fun and play safe.



Issue #1

 Grand Rapids Pickleball
July 2014 Newsletter

As we want to keep our members informed as to what was going on “beyond” the court, this is the GR Pickleball Club’s first newsletter.


Belknap Water, New Courts, and the Shed

As you may be aware, the Club’s been attempting to wash  the courts since spring. However, the two Belknap faucets  have been turned off and our requests to get them turned  on have not been effective.
However, John Schowalter recently talked with John  Judnich from the city of Grand Rapids. Apparently the  respective water line is broken and Mr. Judnich has put  in an order to have it fixed. As the City’s contractor for fixing water lines is backed up, Belknap has to wait its turn.
Discussions about the two new courts and a permanent shed were positive, but no definitive city approval has been given. Thinks seem to going in the right directions, but it’s taking time.

New Belknap Seating

Jeff Powers has obtained a grant to acquire and install seating at Belknap Park. The benches will be placed on the east side of the courts (courts 1 & 3), which is where we currently place our folding chairs. (Gib may have to remove his linked chair to the fence) The city of Grand Rapids has been contacted and they were supportive. The benches will be placed sometime in late July or early August. Thank you, Jeff!

Cascade YMCA

The YMCA, if approved by all appropriate authorities in July, will begin construction of a new facility located behind the MVP Field House along Burton Street. If on schedule, the new facility would be completed in late 2015.
John, Keith, Don, and Kathy White met with the Y management team and discussed some of the problems experienced at other community locations such as confusing floor lines, multi-colored floor lines, the lack of spacing between courts, window glare, etc.
Y management explained that they are planning for Pickleball with possibly six to seven courts. However, court space will have to be shared with other sports activities and Y programs.
Regarding costs, which is a big factor for most of us, programs were thought to be a better format for all. With a program you don’t have to be a Y member, but simply join for the duration of the program. This could be 4, 6, 8, etc. weeks. No defined period has been set. Thus, winter birds could join for only the length of period that would fit into their schedule.
Discussion also included the pickleball community reaching out to those with disabilities to teach them the game. There will continue to be conversation with the Y in regards to these matters.

The Meijer Games

A HUGE thank you to Dick Draigh and John Schowalter for all their time and dedication to the Meijer Games! Another very successful event.
Also thank you to all who volunteered in any capacity.
There were so many positive comments on the organization, the venue and all of the super great volunteers!

Our Web Site

Please check out Eric G. has been doing a super job updating the website and for those of you not aware, Eric M (big Eric) did the original design and build of the site. Pass on your thanks.
Also note that on the membership page you can now pay on line via PayPal.


Also, “like” us on facebook under Grand Rapids Pickleball. Great place to post if you are looking for some players to have a game with. And Mo, great picture. Be more careful next time. It’s not true that she was hit by Big Eric’s paddle in a game.

Larry Walters

We talked to Larry and he wishes to pass on his thank you’s for all those expressing concern and well wishes. He expects to be playing again soon. That vicious rumor that he and the phone company put a toll on his line because of all the calls (Larry gets $1.90 out of the $2.00 charge) is unconfirmed!

Tournaments Coming UP

Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven 7/30- 7 31

Royal Oak 8/1-8/3

Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Fort Wayne 8/15- 8/17

More information and other tournaments can be found on pickleballtournaments .com


For all those already signed up, thank you. For those still needing to join the club, get on the ball.

Ladder League

The league is going strong at Byron Center.  As Jim Price, the coordinator, has already advised, there is no play this Thursday before the holiday. Play resumes the following Thursday and begins at a new start time of 11:00 am. Warm up begins at 10:00 am on two available courts and 10:30 am on all five courts.

Belknap Play

So far the existing schedule seems to be working for most of the players. However, if you have a suggestion or comment, please provide it to one of the club officers via email. Documenting your ideas helps prevent it becoming loss or forgotten during game play.

This gives you a little better idea of some of the work going on behind the scenes. We always appreciate your ideas and comments. Let’s all work for a better pickleball program.

Have fun and play safe!

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