Simon Machine Sign Out

Simon Machine Usage and Procedures

The Grand Rapids Pickleball Club (GRPC) has generously been given a Simon Machine (Pickleball “pitching” machine) for the benefit of club members’ individual and group usage/practice. It is the responsibility of the club to be sure it is used as designed and to the benefit of club members.

The Simon machine will be temporarily housed at the Trout home, 1833 Cross Bend NE, GR.  When/if an appropriate and secure location is found it will be moved to that location.

  1. The Simon machine will be free for use by club members running a training program, lessons, and/or demonstrations for the benefit and promotion of local Pickleball.
  2. Individuals or small groups wishing to use the machine will pay a charge of $lO for a three day period.  Additional days, if not reserved by others, will cost $5/day.
  3. Non-club members may borrow the machine at a charge of$10/day with a $25 dollar deposit. Non-club  members putting on demonstrations and/or free lessons open to the public will  be charged $10 for a three day period and a $25 deposit will be taken.
  4. The Simon Machine will come with balls, a ball “picker,” and dolly.


  1. Schedule the usage with Club Coordinator by emailing the request to Please include your name, club affiliation, email address, and phone number. You will receive a response within a day or so.
  2. Pick-up and return transportation will be the responsibility of the borrower.
  3. Deposits and payments to be cash or checks made out to GRPickleballClub.
  4. Check-out and check-in of equipment will include a checklist of each item borrowed as well as amount deposited/paid and signature of the borrower.

Borrower’s Liability:

  1. The Borrower signing out the equipment is responsible for the equipment given by the GRPC and will be held responsible for upholding the conditions stated.
  2. The equipment supplied by the GRPC must be returned in no later than 3 days, or by a pre-arranged date agreed upon with the Club Coordinator. Should the equipment be returned after the return date, the borrower may lose equipment borrowing privileges and/or be charged an extra $5/day-payable upon receipt of equipment.
  3. Any lost and/or damaged equipment/balls supplied by GRPC must be purchased at the replacement value for each piece. Borrowers responsible for the lost or damaged equipment must pay GRPC the full amount due within ten working days to replace or repair them.
  4. Borrowers will use the machine as intended. Borrowers and/or users with the borrower will not hold GRPC or its officers/agents responsible for any liability with regard to personal injury, property damages, or any other costs or damages.

By clicking the Link to the Sign Out Form below, you are hereby agreeing to the Simon Machine Usage and Procedures.

Simon Machine Sign Out Form

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