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Each year the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club, through DONATIONS BY PLAYERS AND OTHERS, works towards improving the pickleball environment in the greater Grand Rapids area. This could entail special projects in and for local parks, providing equipment and special training to adults and children, assisting local venues in starting UP this great sport, giving demonstrations to schools and special programs who may ask for help, putting together pickleball tournaments for the community and running the pickleball VENUE in the annual Meijer State Summer Games. It is through your contributions that we continue to grow and to help others.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This means THAT any funds donated to the Club are tax deductible. With your generous contribution, we’ll send you an acknowledgement letter for your tax records as REQUIRED by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations can vary in any amount and all amounts help. Please allow 15 – 20 days for a reply and acknowledgement.

We have ESTABLISHED an online payment PROCESS via PayPal which starts by clicking on the “Donate” button BELOW. This provides A RELATIVELY SIMPLE method for submitting funds directly to the Club either by credit card, or if a member of PayPal, through their direct processing.

If YOU PREFER your contribution can be sent by regular mail (Checks – no cash). Please make the check out to “Grand Rapids Pickleball Club”. The address below is FOR the Club treasurer. Using US mail may take a little longer to receive an acknowledgement. If either the on-line or manual methods are not adequate, please feel free to contact the Club Treasurer or other Club Officer about your contribution and how you would like to have it forwarded.

The Club reserves the right to spend any donated funds towards individual projects as approved by the elected Board officers. If you would like the donated funds to go towards a special expenditure, please let us know and if we can accommodate your request, we will.

GRPC now has a link to Amazon! Use this link when shopping, and our club will get .5% donations on your purchases!

Lastly, please accept the Club’s thanks and appreciation for your contribution.

Grand Rapids Pickleball Club

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8857 52nd St. SE

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